You need a pick & place? We propose LEN-6 / VEN-6!

Pick & Place System

pneumatic-electric integration and intermediate position

Linearunits LEN-6 and VEN-6 are harmonized modular systems to easy enable a pneumatic pick & place-system.

The user can choose between different stroke-lenghts- –link to YouTube film.

Horizontal movement with linear-unit (LEN-6) is possible within 4 strokes (100, 200, 300 und 400 mm) .

The complementary vertikal-unit (VEN-6) is available in 5 strokes (80, 120, 180, 240 und 300 mm) and is mounted easily via grid and center-rings.

Scope of delivery of both linear-units are a sheet metalhydraulic shock absorbers and proximity switches!

Keep in mind: apart from a cheaper base-variant (with no integration) the product range offers products with pneumatic-integration only, also als fully integrated systems (pneumatic and electric signals) off the shelf.  With this feature, air support and monitoring signals are feeded inside the system .

Benefit: no more long, external disturbing wires in the installation – no torsion or wear of wires by steady movement.

Highlight is a suitable intermediate–position:
It is mounted inbetween LEN-6 and VEN-6 and offers a vertical movement of the load between two different levels !
For sure it is possible to also monitor the signals and feed the module itself through the unit !

This linked system is documented here, in a separate operating instructions manual. The shown column is part of the accessories-brochure.

And yes, of course: both units can be used „stand-alone“.

Explosionszeichnung Aufbau                 

zwischen LEN und VEN                            

1 Linear-Unit LEN-6
2 Vertical-Unit VEN-6
3 Intermediate position ZWP-6-VEN
4 Electrical integration of signals
5 Column with clamping unit
6 Grid , easy mounting via screws and
7 Centerring-Rings