Tiny linear unit LSM-3 with two carriages

Why 2 carriages in a mini-sled?

Please see the pic in the mirror, the pictures shows two carriages ... to guide the load accurately!

With LSM-3 a really small linear unit is offered for automation-purpose of tiny components.
The recommended payload is 5 times higher than the own weight of the module.

Hollow and hardened stop-screws do grant a repeat accuracy of +/-0,01 mm and also are the place to fix the sensors inside.

Those screws can be used to restrict the stroke-lenght 15 mm, each side.

That mini-unit is available in 3 stroke-lengths: 20, 35 und 50 mm. They furthermore can be ordered with or without mounted shock absorbers .

The also shown tiny gripper (PGM-29) can easily be fixed to the front by using the existing grid-system and center-rings.

Technical data:

  • available stroke 20 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm
  • lifting force 11 N, retracting force 7 N
  • max. payload 0,5 kg
  • repeat accuracy +/-0,01 mm
  • adjusting stroke 15 mm each side
  • guiding: 2 carriages, sealed recirculating ball bearing guides
  • weight 60-100 g depending on stroke
  • optional: with mounted shock absorbers
  • centering rings– e.g. to assemble mini gripper PGM-29


Tags: Dämpfer, Greifer