parallel-grippers type PGM – good to know

The open construction of the pneumatic gripper with smoothed, stainless steel shafts allows easy maintenance. Greasing or blow-off dust is possible in mounted position. Open means that dust can enter but also is enabled to leave ! In case of other constructions dust-parts maybe accumulate inside the system. For longterm-use there are some benefits: other guidings are also smoothed, but also do wear -it´s physics. Tolerances will increase and maybe lead to inaccurate tiliting and position. The wide guiding principle of two hardened steel shafts of PGM helps to be stable and prepared against tilting. The central guiding-element, moved by the piston is bounded in the jaws and the housing. The kinematic-piece enables a reproducable repeating of the center. Even in case of wear out the system is centered. The robust and durable design brings a repeat-accuracy of +/-0,02 mm – a precise gripper!

Tags: PGM, Gripper