sustainability ✓environmental awareness ✓ modules LE-6 and LE-9 are back in our portfolio ✓ pneumatic dampers
Linearunits LEN-6 and VEN-6 are harmonized modular systems to easy enable a pneumatic pick & place-system.
The product-range of hydraulic damper STD-14 of Friedemann Wagner GmbH is extended by two more types.
With LSM-3 a really small linear unit is offered for automation-purpose of tiny components.
variants M + MA of Linear Unit LEM-6 are delivered with an additional hexagon nut, M8x1.
Inside the central guiding-head of linear unit LE-6 and its big brother LE-9 a pneumatic damping-element is situated.
The pneumatic round indexing tables RSE-3 and RSE-4 of Friedemann Wagner GmbH are well-designed to cover different applications (in any position, also top-down).
Variant reduction - adjustable, hydraulic shock absorber in two degrees of hardness
With this sequential step control you have the opportunity to use the awarded functionality of damper-monitoring – for free.
Swivel units of Friedemann Wagner GmbH Handhabungstechnik have an external stop-system – enabling the user to detect a defect shock absorber in time.