Reduce variants – adjustable, hydraulic shock absorber in 2 hardness grades

Since more than 35 years Friedemann Wagner GmbH is manufacturer of pneumatic handling modules. The self-developed hydraulic damper STD-14 is available in 2 degrees of hardness W (soft / 0,4-5,0 m/s) and H (hard/ 0,2-2 m/s).  The stroke (4) is 12 mm, max. absorption is 50.000 Nm/h.

The characteristic of the shock absorbers is progressive, but it is possible to adjust the grade of damping with a screw (1). This enables ein wide spectum of use in different applications. Turn in or off the damper (therad M14x1) affects the stroke- the hex-nut (2) counters the damper. A multi-talented unit to reduce variants.

Our construction principle – without an second inside shell – demands a wear-free outer shell. The tenifer treated outer shell (3) is rust-resitant. All other external parts are made of stainless steel, the guiding bush and the piston-rod are hardened. A separate variant with stainless steel shell also is available on demand.

Our shock absorbers of series STD-14 can be repaired – a tribute to sustainability.