Features of linear units LE-6/LE-9, pneumatic damper, wear-free

Inside the central guiding-head of linear unit LE-6 and its big brother LE-9 a pneumatic damping-element (3) is situated. Connecting this to pressurized air you nearly have a wear-free damping system and you need no additional space! For adjusting please use the stop screw (1, hexagonal socket head) and then lock with the hexagonal nut (2).
If ordering variant “H” hydraulic shock absorbers are located in the end-plate and the guide-head. The stop screws of the pneumatic shock absorbers can be removed.
In case of variant “Z” instead of the pneumatic damping-unit an additional piston is mounted for handling double forces.
This variant only can be damped by hydraulic shock absorbers.

Modul/Baugrößeverfügbare Hublängen
LE-6 100 mm * 200 mm * 300 mm
LE-9 100 mm * 200 mm * 300 mm * 400 mm