small and compact round indexing tables RSE-3 and RSE-4

The pneumatic round indexing tables RSE-3 and RSE-4 of Friedemann Wagner GmbH are well-designed to cover different applications (in any position, also top-down). They can be converted by the customer (conversion set) – true flexibility for investment-protection.

Both types are available in direction cw, ccw or oscillating – conversion kits enable the customer to change the direction (accessoires). Partitions 2/3/4/6/8/12 are available “of the shelf” . As a special feature RSE-4 can be ordered in partition 24 – a kit to change the partition also is offered! Hydraulic shock absorbers are on board to damp the end position. The end-position of the piston can be monitored with proximitiy switches.

An integrated choke enables to adjust the table-speed – no external choke is needed, neither in terms of cost nor space and mounting. Both indexing tables do have a mid-bore-hole; RSE-4 has an air grommet, to feed upside handling units. Our proven and precise centering system via centerring-rings is helpful for fast and exact mounting.