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swivel unit SES-9 ✓ full power in end position ✓ 24 Nm torque (eff.) ✓ for high load
hardened external stop system ✓ for linearunit LEM ✓ better repeat accuracy ✓ easy adjustment from outside
with metal cover ✓ linear unit
double force ✓ same size ✓ linearunit for push or portal use
module "intermediate position" allows third position on swivelunit
same units ✓ new names ✓ SHE instead SEN ✓ LSM instead LSSM
same unit ✓ other name ✓ SHE instead of SEN
adjustable ✓ even small angles ✓ 0-180°
connection bracket ✓ VBW ✓ different variants
See you in Friedrichshafen Fairground in July 2021!
not only load is the essential topic, when choosing a rotary indexing table
Warum add-ons zum Standardzylinder basteln ...?
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