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LSK-4 ✓ cross roiller bearings ✓ conversion of stop-position

new product from Friedemann Wagner GmbH - for semi-automated workstations.
How to control rotary indexing tables type RSE-6 or RSE-9 ?
durable products - we also repair them - keep your invest!
overview: how fast are RSE-6 and RSE-9 according their partitions !
family owned company in Baden Württemberg Germany - manufacturer of pneumatic handling modules since 1979!
tiny pneumatic rotary indexing table by Wagner -for small workpieces
additional module ✓ intermediate position ✓ torques of ZWP vs SE
Third position and swivel units - module "mid-position"
uneven partitions ✓ pneumatic rotary indexers ✓ RSE-6 ✓ RSE-9
swivel unit SES-9 ✓ full power in end position ✓ 24 Nm torque (eff.) ✓ for high load
hardened external stop system ✓ for linearunit LEM ✓ better repeat accuracy ✓ easy adjustment from outside
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