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family owned company in Baden Württemberg Germany - manufacturer of pneumatic handling modules since 1979!
full power and torque in end-position ✓ external stop-screws ✓ adjustable form outside
Wagner products ✓ distributor ✓ Eastern Europe ✓ pneumatic modules
used linear guidings inside the Wagner-linearunits ✓
overview: how fast are RSE-6 and RSE-9 according their partitions !
plate turns around the fixed column ✓ retrofitable accessory ✓ assembly of other construction
new product from Friedemann Wagner GmbH - for semi-automated workstations.
M5-thread in turning platform ✓ SE-4 ✓ SES-4
clever control ✓ less consumption of pressured air ✓ fast cycles
LSK-4 ✓ cross roiller bearings ✓ conversion of stop-position

How to control rotary indexing tables type RSE-6 or RSE-9 ?
durable products - we also repair them - keep your invest!
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