Mini sled in two variants - for tiny workpieces and high precision
Wagner-proximity switch D=6,5mm with thread to screw in and clamp - also available as set together with the hollow stop screw!
Use your existing standard sensors D=6,5mm in our hollow stop screw
Tool for use of inductive sensors in chip-containing-environment
See you in Friedrichshafen Fairground in March 2021!
Check our YouTubeChannel in times of Corona and shutdown...
Checking the technical data of swivel-unit SES-4 shows you: a bit more need in space leads to a much stronger unit.
Ever since we use the same grease when assembling our handling units. From now on, you can order it in an applicator.
Due to discussions about sustainability and environmental awareness, modules LE-6 and LE-9 are back in our portfolio.
All handling units of F. Wagner GmbH are equipped with our established centering-system.
tiny workparts? less space? if possible, little consumption of air? Click on our images and you´ll get more information!
Our special principle of construction allows you the use of RSE-3 or RSE-4 with one single 5/2-valve
We are already looking forward to meet you at our booth.
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