centering-system – easy modular combining by grid-dimensions

All handling units of F. Wagner GmbH are equipped with our established centering-system. We are proud on this invention in the meantime replicated by others. Our centering-system is exact and free from backlash – to enable a high precision in joining the modules.

4 different sizes of center-rings are available , easy to stick in the fitting bores. As the grid of one product size is always identical, units of the same size-family can be assemled to each other direct and smooth. To support different sizes we offer adapter-plates, reducing-elements or angles in our accessoires. E.g. to assemble a size 6 swivel-unit on top of a size 9 lifting unit by using a reduction-element RPL-9-N-6.

The precision for exact connection between the modules is realized by precise fits in the range of  +/- 0,015mm.