screw-in column for rotary-indexer

What is the benefit of a screw-in-column for a Wagner-rotary-indexer?

Pneumatic driven rotary indexers from Wagner do convert a linear transition of a piston (gear-rack) into a turning table rotation,  using a pinion.
They are in active use in different partitions and turning directions in numerous automation applications.

The screw-in-column is like a central tripod and can be the mounting-place for additional modules.

It enables engineering-departments to easy install further elements above the turning disc.

Make the most of valuable space by compact compilation of modules.

It is irrelevant, if additional elements really are to be fixed immobile or e.g. further pneumatic modules are mounted by using a clamping piece (accessories) to handle on the workpieces on the rotating disc.

You are interested in an example? See following words, the pictures on the right hand side and the items in the slider below this blog.

We assume: a rotary indexer RSE-9, turning direction ccw, partition 4 and pneumatic damping shall be loaded on position 1 and unloaded at position 4.
Inbetween, the workpiece e.g. shall be joined with another item at position 2.
Position 3 lifts the workpieces to change their angle via 90 ° for the following "unloading" position.

The clamp piece with adapter elements are the mounting place for lifting unit HEK-6.
The visible second clamp above is the pickup for linear-unit LSK-6, working in vertical direction.
At the front of linearunit a swivel-unit SE-4 (adjustable 0-190°) is placed top-down to hold the parallel gripper PGM-82.
The swivel unit is equipped with air grommets, to enable feeding the air for the gripper through the turning shaft!

Keep in mind: As the screw-in-column is a hollow shaft, named upper modules can be supported via the center!

Installation or retrofit- how to
Both technical related rotary indexing tables RSE-6 und RSE-9 do have a fix center hole (fitting). The center of the table (disc) has a plastic-cap in the middle - simply to squeeze out.
Footer of ES-6 und ES-9 also are fittings. They are just brought in the center-hole and countered -from below- with a threaded ring.

A great benefit in installation and use, as the complete unit is portable! The column has not to be placed in one fix location of the application.

Interested? Please check datasheet for further information.

Faster than reading - short video in German language (turn of speaker):

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What is the benefit of a screw-in-column for a Wagner rotary indexer