manually driven rotary indexer

NEW - manually driven Wagner rotary indexer RSE-6-M!

You are right!  Wagner launches a new product beginning 2023 - a manually driven rotary indexing table. Why manually driven?

Apart from classic hand-assembly-places with e.g. several different rotating stations, there are a lot of possibilities to support your production-staff!

Remember the relief in case of turning a heavy workload (e.g. a transformer or other coiled goods). Or think about a manually assembly station followed in sequence by a fully automated testing-process.

Another idea: handle over of goods with additional buffering to a COBOT!

Or just in case your mechanical constructon department is looking for a simple, reliable, cost effective solution - without time-consuming topics like security-technologies, drive, control, installation etc..

The patented rotary indexer is self-locking. After the turning is done, indexing takes place in end position  - backlash-free. If work is done in that position, unlocking is started with a pneumatic pulse (3/2 valve). Next turning starts manually to the next partition.

As manually operated: The rotary indexing table is rounded (see image).

Turning direction and partitions can be ordered as different variants. One conversion-kit (accessories) allows the user to change the partition later on! Even turning direction is changeable!

This allows a flexible use in different applications - a protection of investment.

short vidoe of RSE-6-M

Enclosed please find a table as an overview to some technical features of the manually driven rotary indexer:

feature value note


yes conversion kit partitions

Axial load dynamic [N]
recommended maximum

250 ! check moment of inertia and turning times !
ca. 25kg @ D=140mm

Axial load static [kN]

4 static stress @ Ø140mm,
e.g. press-in on the table
Dimensions[mm] ca.  180x180x62  
Drive manually driven
 indexing backlash-free (patent)
Direction of turning right/left tell when order, changeable by user
Fixing of table
centering ring
2x ZR-9, scope of delievery
Fixing of workload threaded holes 6 xM6 je 60°, in the plate @ D=109mm
Fixing of workload
fitting holes
2 x5H8, in the plate@ D=109mm
Fixing of workload fitting hole 1 x35H8, centric
Direction of use
any four point bearing
Material housing aluminium hard anodized
Material plate steel galvanized
Monitoring end-position
yes, accessories proximity switch 
NSI-M8-S55 or NSI-M8-K50
Moment of inertia [kgcm²]
20.000 max. see instruction manual
Partitions 2/3/4/6/12  tell when order, changeable by user
Product weight [kg] 5,8  
Tilting moment [Nm] 300  
Unlocking pneumatic 3/2 valve, not included

Technical data and drawing can be seen in this brochure-link.

3D-Data can be downloaded when selecting the model in the productfinder.

In case of interest please feel free to use our contact-sheet.