power pack - pneumatic swivel unit SES-9

Our flagship: swivel unit SES-9!

Pneumatic swivel unit SES-9 is a real power pack. 24Nm effective torque (6bar) are acting. Please notice: even fully acting in the stop-position!

The reason is our special designed external stop system. The turning angle is 0-190° adjustable from outside  - even if small angles are needed! 

The maximum moment of inertia is 64.200 kgcm² -  as the product always is delivered with already mounted hydraulic shock absorbers!

Our hollow stop screws enable adjusting from outside and do grant a torroidal stop area when hitting the stop-block. The block is designed to turn (hard) to avoid self-sustaining centrifugal-turning!

Furthermore they are the place to screw-in and fix the sensors of type NSS.

Shock absorbers, stop-screws and proximity switches in this solution are directed to only ONE side! Helpful in your application!

By using the volume of the stop-screw to fix the sensor inside, you are really sensing the end-position -- our stop-block!

If the hydraulic damper has a defect, you can query "bouncing" in the PLC control. A cost-free detection of defect shock absorbers. This feature can protect from expensive consequential damages and downtimes.

You´d like to use existing standard-sensors? No problem. The housing now has milled c-slots.
Option: for clamping 6,5mm-dia-sensors inside our stop screws, we offer a fastening set.

With the available add-on module ZWP-9-SES a possibility is offered, to get a "third position" in the middle.
It enables a stop at 90°, adjustable by +/-10°.
A damper oder a sensor also can be ordered for the intermediate-module.

module name

air grommet
inside rotating shaft

signal grommet
inside rotating shaft

SES-9-S-190-H-0-0-P no* no*
SES-9-S-190-H-6-0-P yes, 6-times
SES-9-S-190-H-6-6-P yes, 6-times yes, 6-times

* but: useable drilling D = 20 mm in the center of rotating shaft.

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