NSS inductive sensor - to screw in hollow stop-screw

Space is rare! You´d like to to mount your proximity switch inside a hollow screw?

This is exactly the purpose of proximity-switch set NSS . The sensor with D=6,5mm is available in 2 lengths (65mm and 85mm). It has an external thread (M10x1) to adjust the sensor in its position.

Advantage: The knurl is clamping the sensor! That means: the relative position of sensor and screw stays fixed, even if you "move" the outer screw by screwing in/out!

Our sensors do have a special field direction not to get a "wrong" signal by the hollow environment. The switching distance is 1mm.

Even for our miniature-units such sensors, to be fixed in the hollow stop-screw, are available. They have a diameter of D= 4mm and are stucked via clamp fit. Their switching distance is 0,8mm.

These 3 models are PNP "normally open" and do work from 10 - 30 VDC.

See pictures beneath :

  • can be retro-fitted in existing stop-screws of our units
  • can be retro-fitted in existing thread-bore of your system (NSS-O-6,5-*)
  • are sold as a set "sensor with stop-screw" (accessories)
  • can be used outside of our aplications





link to brochure NSS- proximity switch set

link to brochure stop screw ASL

You ´d like to fix a standard sensor in a hollow stop-screw: link to fastening set BFS.