Swivel unit type SM,SE+SES - small angles

How to adjust small turning angles with a Wagner swivel unit?

Our swivel units do cover the complete range from 0-180°. In real, we even cover 190° - this is why you find the number "190" in the type-names of our swivel units.

For small angles you don´t have to order a special item! Each swivel-module by Wagner turns the complete angle but you can adjust it! Adjustment is done via stop-screws, to limit the path-length of the piston gears - this reduces the angle to turn.
Inside these (hollow) stop-screws you even can fix the sensor and avoid additional disruptive contours.

Adjusting swivel units of type SM, SE and SES (external stop system) is done like this:

  • release the block clamping the stop screws
  • turn the screws in or out for adjustment of the needed angle
    • for small angles there are additional drillings inside the plates.
    • remove the stop-block in one or even both drilling holes
    • this enables the thread-length of the screw to cover the angle
  • adapt the rotatable stop-block once to enable a surface-area in stop position.
  • take care of the embedded o-ring in upperside of the block - it disables fast turning by centrifugal force
  • tighten the clamping block

With the (length) of the stop-screw we restrict the moving-way of the piston gear.

If using a swivel unit, fitted with hydraulic shock absorbers, you maybe have to adapt the dampers also (effective stroke)! Please be aware of our operating instructions e.g. disconnect compressed air supply!


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