intermediate positions and swivel-units torques

Intermediate-positions - which torque of modules vs. corresponding swivel-units?

The get a "third" position, pneumatic swivel units can be added with our module intermediate-position.
It is mounted directly to the swivel unit and moves two piston-rods inside the working area of the gear racks - by external pressurized air.
By pneumatic force, the piston-gears of the swivel units are pushed to the intermediate position.

Interested in more technical background? Please see this link.

The mid-position is adjustable (90° +/- 20°, in case of ZWP-9-SES 90° +/- 10°).
Keep in mind: as pushed via the piston-gears, the repeat accurracy also directly depends on the gear (0,05°).

Mid-positions are available corresponding to some of our swivel units. Please also find a link to a short YouTube-Video (in German).

According product dimensions, there is a "given maximium" of piston-diameter in the intermediate-position-module.

Depending on their size (module / variant) it is partially possible to work vs. the pressurized swivel unit. Please see table below.

swivel unit
torque swivel unit
torque ZWP
torque ZWP
module/size @6bar effevtive @6bar effective swivel unit not pressurized
SE-4 0,94 Nm impossible 0,9 Nm
SES-4 1,6 Nm 1 Nm 3 Nm
SE-6 3,5 Nm impossible 3,5 Nm
SES-6 6,5 Nm 1,9 Nm 10,1 Nm
SE-9 12 Nm 5 Nm 20,2 Nm
SES-9 24 Nm 8 Nm 40 Nm








Questions concerning topic "damping of mid-positions"  - check this link.


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