Wagner Zwischenposition für Schwenkantrieb SE-6

Intermediate Position ZWP-6-SE-20-K-0-0-P

  • 000000181602
  • Friedemann Wagner GmbH
Product Class: ZWP Design Size: ZWP-6-SE Product name: Intermediate Position... more
Product information "Intermediate Position ZWP-6-SE-20-K-0-0-P"

Product Class: ZWP
Design Size: ZWP-6-SE
Product name: Intermediate Position ZWP-6-SE-20-K-0-0-P

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Technical Data :
Technical data and diagrams are non-binding and for guidance only.
All informations are valid at 6 bar pressure, air consumption is valid at 1 bar.
Technica data and constructions subject to change without prior notice.
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properties "Intermediate Position ZWP-6-SE-20-K-0-0-P"
number of cylinders: 2
diameter of cylinder [mm]: 25
Drehm/theo./druck/6bar [Nm]: 0
Drehm/eff./drucklos/6bar [Nm]: 3,5
Drehm/eff./druck /6bar [Nm]: 0
air consumption per cycle [cm³]: 22
weight [kg]: 0.4
adjustment range [°]: 90°+/-20°
repeat accuracy [°]: 0,05°
damping: none
material housing: high-strength Al, anodized
Integration Luft-Signal: 0-0
air pressure connection: M5
item no: 000000181602
Ma-Typ: ZP-SE-6-25
Ma-Nr: 217073
control: 3/2 way-valve monostable
pressure range: 4-8 bar
Drehm/theo./drucklos/6bar [Nm]: 5,17