With the modules HEK-4 and HEK-6 Friedemann Wagner GmbH offers compact pneumatic lifting units with high repeat accuracy (+/- 0,01 mm).
Both sizes are fitted with high-stressable and space-saving cross roller guides. They are mounted diagonally on the base area but in direction of impact. This enables high carrying capacity and absorption of high torque.

HEK-4 offers 80 N lifting force @ stroke 10 or 25 mm. The bigger sized HEK-6 (185 N) offers 2 strokes with 25 or 50 mm.
Stepless adjustment of the stroke is done from external via hollow stop-screws. Their torroidal area vice versa hits the external hardened stop elements .

Inside the hollow screw the sensors can be fitted for concrete monitoring of stop-position.

For higher loads hydraulic shock absorbers can be placed in a threat right beside the stop-screws .

Both lifting units Hubeinheiten mainly are constructed for vertical applications but for sure can be used in horizontal working situations.

Assembly to other modules easily can be done by the grid-dimension and the Wagner-center-ring system.

Pictures of HEK with mounted dampers and sensors – vertical or horizontal use

sizelifting force / retraction force [N]cylinder dia [mm]stroke [mm]
HEK-4 80 / 55 16 10 or 25
HEK-6 185 / 175 25 25 or 50