Using of air restrictors with rotary indexing tables RSE-3 + RSE-4

Rotation Speed
The table speed can easily be adjusted by using the integrated choke / air regulator.
You do not have to buy another component – it is in the scope of delivery and an integrated element of RSE!
Using an additional air regulator can be an essential cause of malfunction!

Our special principle of construction allows you the use of RSE-3 or RSE-4 with one single 5/2-valve. In theory it also will work with a 3/2-valve. In fact, internal clearance drilling holes do interact between the piston-rack and the locking-bolts.

If turning leightweight work-pieces, a restriction of locking might help preventing the components to jump or leave the table due the impulse of locking. If looking at the upper link you maybe notice that air restriction on contact B also has influence on the back-stroke!

The back stroke only affects the mass of the piston gear. A restriction on the back-stroke has less influence on the complete cycle, than slow-down the turning of the mass (load and moment of inertia).
A slower locking also is to enhance the applicaton-lifetime.

It is not recommended slowing down the process of unlocking! It can result in an undesired seizing of the index-bolt.

 With or without proximity switches…?
Our proximity switches can be mounted directly inside the RSE-3 or RSE-4. They do monitor the position of the piston rack.
This enables control and optimising the cycle duration!
For sure it is also possible to operate your cycle of automation by time-control or using external sensors!

Please be aware of: the systems needs its time to execute all movements – if switching is too fast, you maybe have malfunction or bucking movements!


 Speed adjustment

Here you can find a video about the pneumatic rotary indexing table RSE-3-R-4-H-0-0-P Friedemann Wagner Gmbh

Here you can find a video about the throttle for adjusting the speed of rotation Friedemann Wagner GmbH

Proximity switches or time-controlled

Here you can find a video about the position query of the proximity switch NSS-O-6.5 in the rotary indexing table RSE-4