units SEN and LSSM-4 now are named SHE and LSM-3

New type-names for a few products

Due to our new catalogue we were forced to unify productnames.

This means, some of well-known units got new names since 2015!

Doing this, we were able to include informations in the type-name e.g. the swivel-angle (190°) or the new damped product variants.

No worries - still the same programm - just new names:

  former name
new name
 with hydr. damper
linearunit LSSM-4-20 LSM-3-SM-20-K-0-0-P LSM-3-SM-20-H-0-0-P
linearunit LSSM-4-35 LSM-3-SM-35-K-0-0-P LSM-3-SM-35-H-0-0-P
linearunit LSSM-4-50 LSM-3-SM-50-K-0-0-P LSM-3-SM-50-H-0-0-P
swivel unit SHE-6 SHE-6-N-190-K-0-0-P SHE-6-N-190-H-0-0-P
swivel unit SEN-6-A SHE-6-A-190-K-0-0-P SHE-6-A-190-H-0-0-P
swivel unit SHE-9 SHE-9-N-190-K-0-0-P SHE-9-N-190-H-0-0-P
swivel unit SEN-9-A SHE-9-A-190-K-0-0-P SHE-9-A-190-H-0-0-P