swivel unit SES-4 – stronger than SE-4

Checking the technical data of  swivel-unit SES-4 shows you: a bit more need in space leads to a much stronger unit.

In every dimension (L x W x H) SES-4 roundabout needs additional 15% space.

The benefit in comparison to SE-4:

  • 170% of torque
  • handling of 3-time higher moment of inertia

SES-4 (S means strong) has another piston-size and a 4-point-bearing.

  SE-4 SES 4
 Höhe (mm) 54,5 62
 Breite (mm) 42 49
 Länge (mm) 93 107
 Volumen (mm3) 212877 325066
 Massenträgheitsmoment J (kgcm2) 110 343
 Drehmoment (Nm) 0,94 1,6
 Kolben Durchmesser (mm) 2x14 2x16