Stop system can be mounted vice versa – linearunit LSM-4

Lineareinheit LSM-4 beidseitige Nuten und Gewindebohrungen
Using  LSM-4,  the external stop segments made of hardened steel can be placed vice versa by the user itself.

That means: flexibility depending on your space situation inside the application!
Notches and threads are already available on both sides of the product. Even a both-sided-stop-system is possible:
In scope of delivery the stop-block acts central, in both directions of the hub. Just buy another stop-block from accessoires and bolt it on the other side.

By the way: As its little brother (LSM-3) this linear-unit also is equipped with sealed recirculating ball bearing guides with 2 carriages.

Are you aware of: in case of LSK-4 and LSK-6 the upper mentioned possiblity to mount the position of stop-system on the other side of the product also is partly given!

Stop-system at LSK-6 can be mounted completely on the other side. In case of LSK-4 only the stop of the extended slider-position can be mounted on the other side (additional stop-block needed / accessories).

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