Principle of Rotary indexing table RSE-4

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The principle in some words
If piston (gear) is in action, the table turns.
In the end-position, the table is fixed for further handling of the component via two bolts (locked torque 100 Nm).
In this process also the gear is lifted and the piston runs back to home.
Control easy can be done via 5/2 valve.

pneumatic Rotary indexing table RSE-4

• Available partitions 2/3/4/6/8/12 and 24
• Turning direction
• Right
• Left (turning direction can be changed by user)
• Oscillating
• Torque @6 bar: 2 Nm
• Max. moment of inertia 175 kgcm2
• Integrated hydraulic shock absorber
• Integrated throttle for table-speed adjustment
• Integrated air-feed to center of turntable
• Conversion Set (Accessoires)
• Change in Partition
• Oscillating use

further information:
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