Mini sled LSM-3 and LSM-4 - pneumatic driven

What´s the difference between linear unit LSM-3 and LSM-4 ?

Both types LSM-3  and LSM-4 are offered as pneumatic mini-sleds for automation purpose of small workpieces.
Recommended payload is 0,5 kg (LSM-3) and 1,2 kg (LSM-4) - that means 4-5 times higher than the own weight!
In both product-variants, load is guided with 2 carriages of sealed recirculating ball bearing guides.
Hollow, hardened stop screws are to adjust the stroke (each side 14mm) and are place to fit the sensors at the same time.

Repat accurracy is +/-0,01 mm - a high-precision linear unit.

The miniature unit is available in different stroke-lengths als well as with / without mounted shock absorbers.


  • stroke 20 mm, 35 mm or 50 mm
  • lifting force @ 6 bar: 11 N
  • retraction force @ 6 bar: 7 N



  • stroke 35 mm or 65 mm
  • lifting force @ 6 bar: 18 N
  • retraction force @ 6 bar:


Productvideo LSM-3

YouTube-Video LSM-3

Productvideo LSM-4

YouTube-Video LSM-3