information connection bracket VBW

Why different variants of connection bracket VBW?

More than 4 decades of exerience let us know:  not only our units will be mounted in your application.

Sometimes you need special adaption to other elements.

This is why we offer different variants - apart from the size!

See enclosed the example of connection bracket VBW-4-B-45 and VBW-4-N-45 in detail:

  • both brackets are from high strength anodized aluminium and are designed for size 4 (grid 32mm)
  • both are 45° brackets
  • both are fitted with our centering grid on one side - easy to fix to our module
  • variant "B" is massive - you can bring in your individually needed drilling pattern
  • variant "N" already has existing patterns - directly fitting to our grids


Feel free to click the drawings enclosed and check the shown details.

Pictures in our brochures always are made from the more elaborate variant "N".