guided cylinders by Friedemann Wagner

Pneumatic standard-cylinders are mass-market products  - available in many different variations and attractive costs. 

In many cases a sufficent solution. 

But what, if

  • cylinder-stroke has to be adjusted?
  • load must be damped, to avoid hard impacts?
  • end-position has demand of high precision?
  • sensors are needed, to monitor the end position?

Then there will be a case-specific adaption - using external components, profiles etc.

A solution-path by time-spending and space-demanding additonal costs.

See our product pictures below!

Check out our included space-saving adjustable stop-systems. Notice, that they are most often the place to even fix the sensor and the shock absorbers. Most often the stop-screw is hollow - a torroidal area and the place for the sensor. Regardless  if using our sensor to screw-in (NSS) or if you clamp your existing sensor with this fastening-set (BFS) .