Characteristics rotary indexer RSE-3

Is RSE-3 the smallest "Wagner" rotary indexing unit?

Indeed - it is!

This tiny and compact (140x85x45 mm) pneumatic rotary indexing table serves mainly automation of small workpieces.

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Find here some compiled characteristics of RSE-3

 topic value comment
partitions 2/3/4/6/8/12 name when ordering
turning direction left, right conversion by customer possible
turning direction oscillating order-variant or conversion kit (accessories)
moment of inertia 60kgcm²  
1Nm @6bar 1,5Nm theoretical
clamping weight max. 8kg note moment of inertia
diameter of table ø79h8  
indexing accuracy +/-0,03mm ø120mm
installation position any  
hydraulic shock absorber yes scope of delivery
control 3/2 or 5/2 only 1 (one!) directional control valve needed
monitoring possible proximity switch NSS (accessories)
restrictor on board adjust table speed
cycles 50-200/min dep. on partitions and load
options for mounting on the table 1x ø19H7 center
  1x ø4H7  
  3xM4/9deep 120°
static axial load 3,5kN @ ø70mm e.g. working direct on table